Are you the Founder of a B2B company

struggling to bring in enough new customers to meet your sales goals?

Crazy-busy Founders of B2B companies, who are doing sales themselves, turn to me when they want to grow their sales more predictably

(with less stress, cost or complication)

Imagine having a system in place that helps you produce more first meetings with your ideal target future customers, add more sales opportunities to your pipeline and win more new customers more consistently.


While you take care of you current customers, product and services development, employees, and cash flow.


1. Clarify Your Sales

and Marketing


Don't let your competition do a better job of describing how their product or service helps your potential buyers do their job more effectively - if you do you'll lose to them a lot more than you'd like...

2. Consistently Execute

Strategic Target Account

Email Marketing

Email Marketing (done right) produces more predictable sales opportunities and new customer wins than blogs or social media...

3. Invest in Just-In-Time Consulting, Coaching and Learning

Learn things that you can use and apply today to create and win more new sales opportunities. Don't waste time reading or studying topics that you can’t put to use right away....

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Iman Khabazian

Founder & CEO

iman ceo.jpg

Iman Khabazian

Founder & CEO

John has an uncanny ability to craft messages that converts cold leads into paying customers.

Rakesh Sharma


John's email campaigns and sales coaching resulted in us winning a key target account

Omer Tadjer 

CEO and Co-Founder

John played an important part in helping us launch our product in the USA

John Duvenage


SMB Growth Strategies


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More New Meetings.

More New Sales Opportunities.

More New Customers.