Founders of software companies turn to us when they need to CREATE, ADVANCE, and WIN more NEW sales opportunities - more PREDICTABLY

(Without significant cost or complication)

If You're...

  • Missing your sales goals and tired of dealing with its negative impact on your family, employees, investors, current customers, and future potential customers?

  • ​Frustrated with the ever-widening gap between the number of good-fit leads you’re getting versus what you need to achieve your sales plan?

  • Feeling nauseous when you think about all the money you’ve thrown away to lead generation companies, and other marketing activities, without ever getting the results you expected​?

  • Dissatisfied with your website's ability to capture leads that convert to sales​?


  • Losing too many sales to your competition or to 'no-decision'

If you are experiencing any of the above it's time for you to take control of your own sales destiny....

The leads-2-Wins system is a:

  • Done-for-you

  • Show-you-how to do it

  • Support-you-doing it


Implementation of proven sales and marketing strategies, tactics, technology, and tools to help you achieve your sales goals more predictably, by:

  • ​Generating more BEST-FIT leads

  • Having more MEETINGS with your ideal target future customers

  • Adding more WINNABLE SALES OPPORTUNITIES to your pipeline



Leads-2-Wins: Option 1

Message Clarification Program



If your competition does a better job of describing how their product or service helps your potential buyers do their job more effectively then you'll lose to them every single time!


So don't let that happen to you...

And take a look at the Message Clarification Program can do for you...


After implementing this program you’ll have a buyer-focused description of the value that demonstrates your knowledge about all the buyer roles' experience or challenges and your specific offer to address it, underscored by what differentiates your offer from any other.

You'll improve all of your sales and marketing materials, and you'll create and win more new sales opportunities than you did before.

What’s included?

  • A review of your current sales and marketing messaging; including your emails, your website, your Linkedin profile, and your presentations, with written recommendations for improvement


  • An online workshop and exercises to produce​ clearer messaging, so more of your ideal target customers will want to engage with you versus your competition.

  • An improved Ideal Target Customer profile with buyer-role sales and marketing messaging that describes the problems you solve, how you solve them, and the results each can expect from buying your product or service (based on where they are in their buy cycle.

  • A review of your current email marketing communication and sales processes, tools, and technology with written recommendations for improvement


  • Creation of a website wireframe to improve the effectiveness of your website’s ability to capture ideal target future customers' information and provide you with more best-fit leads


  • The writing 1 email campaign with an introduction email and 3 follow-ups with guidance on how to get more positive responses.


  • Unlimited email support.

Investment:  $1,200

50% ($600) upfront with the balance of $600 due upon completion.


Leads-2-Wins: Option 2

In-House Lead Generation Program

Leads-2-Wins: Option 2

In-House Lead Generation Program

Implement and control your own system to produce more best-fit leads, meetings, winnable sales opportunities, and new customers, more predictably...

What’s included?


Everything in the Message Clarification Program plus.


  • Implementation of email software that sends emails directly from your mailbox

  • Execution of an email campaign to your strategically selected ideal target potential customers

  • Ongoing writing and testing of emails to choose the emails that produce the most positive replies.

  • Creation of a 'lead magnet' for your website that entices qualified prospects to give you their contact information

  • Creation of wireframe copy for your web landing page that will immediately inspire qualified prospects to want to work with you.

  • Implementation of a stay-in-touch email system so ideal target customers prospects who aren't ready to buy today will think of you first when they are ready to buy.

  • The creation of your online presentation asset that will produce a steadier flow of quality inbound leads for you to follow up with.

  • A scalable best-fit lead generation system that is yours and that you can take over at any time you choose

  • Weekly virtual meetings to review the last weeks’ results, make improvements where needed and set objectives for the coming week


  • How to video's showing the key aspects of implementing and running successful outbound emailing at your company, so you can refer to them whenever you want.

  • Implementation of the free version of HubSpot sales to help you keep track of prospects, deals, and customers (especially if you are using spreadsheets)

$ 4,500 with a 3-month commitment.

3 equal payment of $1500

$1,500 at start, $1,500 on day 30 and $1,500 on day 60.

Before starting we will agree on the Objectives and Key Results (OKR's) that will define success.


After the system is implemented and you're happy with the results being produced you can choose to get monthly on-going support from me based on your requirements.

Double or triple your pipeline value by clarifying your messaging and sales story to get more of your ideal target customers to want to work with you


After implementing this option you’ll be able to deliver a more succinct, compelling, customer-focused understanding of why people or companies come to you, what you offer, and how you are different from and better than, other alternatives.

What’s included?

  • A review of your current marketing emails and website with written recommendations for improvement


  • An on-line workshop, with you and your colleagues that produces​ a powerful sales story including your headline, the customer issues addressed by your product/service, how you do it, and how you do it differently from other alternatives

  • A one-liner that describes the problem you solve, how you solve it and the results prospects can expect.

  • A review of your current email marketing communications, processes, and technology with written recommendations for improvement


  • Creation of a website wireframe with copy that improves the effectiveness of your website’s ability to capture ideal target future customer information and provide you with more best-fit leads


  • Writing of 1 outbound email campaign; including an introduction email and 3 follow-ups with guidance for the best time to send


  • Unlimited email support for as long as you need it

Investment:  $997 one time


Leads-2-Wins Option 3


'Just-in-Time' expertise

You'll receive 'JUST-IN-TIME' sales and marketing expertise to help you CREATE, ADVANCE,

and WIN more NEW sales opportunities 

  • Copywriting; emails, special reports, success stories.

  • Strengthening your sales story.  Your sales story is your most critical sales weapon and I'll help you create a relevant, powerful, compelling, succinct, customer-issue/outcome-focused, differentiating sales story.

  • Implementing an email marketing and lead nurturing system that consistently produces good-fit leads.  Learn the keys to successful email marketing and how to create and execute email campaigns that have produced open rates as high as 90% and reply rates as high as 65%.

  • Sales conversation improvement.  Prepare for and execute more effective discovery calls, follow-up meetings, presentations, and demos, so you’ll spend more time with the people who are highly to get the most value from your product or service and become a successful customer.

  • Website home page wireframe with content so you’ll capture more best-fit leads from your website visitors than you normally do.

  • How to set up and execute successful Webinars that your ideal target customers are excited to participate in.

  • Prospecting for new business using a combination of email, phone/voicemail that gets 35% + response rates. so you’ll consistently create more sales opportunities than your competitors can.

  • Hubspot CRM fine-tuning or implementation so you can use its full capabilities to help you create, advance, and win new customers, more predictably.

  • Go to market strategies and tactics for selling a new product or selling into a different industry.

  • Setting up a sales process that’s scalable, repeatable, and helps you advance and win more new customers more consistently.


  • And more...



Why partner with me to help you

grow your sales?...

Because you'll be receiving practical guidance from someone with over 40 years of sales and marketing experience who; as a salesperson, VP of Sales, Business owner, Consultant, Advisor, and Coach has helped 19 Founders and 28 software companies bring in over

$15 million in new customer revenue.

Read the testimonials below and book a chat with me.

Rakesh Sharama, Founder & President

"John and I have worked together for over a decade, most recently in different roles at Zyom.


John is the perfect complement for entrepreneurial leaders who want a partner on the sales-side.

He brings deep appreciation and skills for value-based selling, especially in messaging and cold-outreach to prospective customers, and can quickly call out what’s a value from what is not.

He has also proactively contributed to several efforts on the marketing side as well.

He was instrumental in securing initial meetings for us, including one which became a very successful customer of ours."


John Duvenage


SMB Growth Strategies


Linkedin Profile

STRATEGIC Outbound Marketing Produces...

More discovery calls.

More winnable sales opportunities.

More sales.