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SMB Growth Strategies


Proactive Outbound Marketing Produces....

More discovery calls.

More winnable sales opportunities.

More sales.  Period.



  • Are your email campaigns getting little to no replies?

  • Are you wasting time with too many prospects that end up doing nothing?

  • Do you have a huge gap between the number of good-fit leads you’re getting versus what you need to achieve your sales goals?

  • Are you getting invited to the competitive party too late to stand a chance of beating your competition?

  • Do you feel unsure when having sales conversations around creating, advancing and closing new sales opportunities?

  • Do prospects easily get what you can do for them, or is explaining it complicated?


  • Not enough of your ideal target potential customers are responding to your outbound marketing?

  • You aren’t able to advance your current prospects through their decide/buy cycle to becoming your customer?

I’ll show you how to turn things around so you’ll get more positive responses, have more conversations with people you want to get in front of, and win over more new customers.


  • Deepen your understanding of what your prospects really need or want so you can create meaningful and motivating messaging that causes them to want to learn more about you.

  • Write cold emails, Linkedin messages, and direct mail that motivate people to respond in a positive way.

  • Create and execute high converting cold email sequences that invite people to respond to you.

  • Set up and execute a lead nurturing system for those prospects who aren’t ready to buy now, but are likely to in the future.

  • Use the phone to create credibility and familiarity so your prospect feels positive about you.

  • Conduct an effective discovery call so you and your prospect don’t waste each other's time.  And if there’s a fit getting a commitment from them to take the next step in their decide/buy journey.

  • Move sales opportunities through a prospct's 'decide/buy' cycle until they become a customer of yours.



As a salesperson, VP of Sales, Consultant/Coach, and Founder of 2 companies I've helped 19 Founders and 28 software companies bring in over $15 Million in net-new customer sales revenue.

Here are some examples of my work.

  • Rakesh S, the Founder of a startup SaaS company needed more customers. I created a new sales opportunity from a cold email campaign. Helped this Founder advance this sales opportunity and win a multi-year six-figure new customer sale - 7 months from the cold email campaign to a signed contract.

  • Omer T, Co-Founder, and CEO of a SaaS company wanted to expand sales in the USA.  Wrote and executed cold email campaigns, did discovery calls from the positive email replies and orchestrated demo’s that resulted in winnable sales opportunities being added to the pipeline, and new customer sales. The company has grown from 12 employees to 75.

  • Dave G, former SVP Sales and Marketing at a SaaS company hired me to bring in new sales. I created and executed cold email and phone call prospecting campaigns that made me the number one new business salesperson in the USA out of 7 salespeople.  I also helped him improve the companies overall sales development effectiveness.

  • Richard N, former VP sales of a SaaS company hired me to prospect for and win new sales.  I cold emailed/called and had a conversation with the CEO of my strategically targeted account. This resulted in a $1.2M new customer sale. Before the competition knew what happened.

There are many more examples of my prospecting and sales successes.

Everything I’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t work on how to generate good-fit leads, create new sales opportunities, schedule more discovery calls, build a stronger pipeline and win more new customers is now available to you.


  • More conversations with your ideal target customers

  • More winnable sales opportunities added to your pipeline

  • More new customers - more predictably.


I know many Founders are looking for practical strategies and tactics to get their sales to the next level.

Without paying a small fortune, losing control, and not getting the results they want.

That’s why I came up with the Leads-2-Wins framework for Founders.

The ‘show-you-how to do it’ is a one-on-one consulting, coaching, and training program for $750 per month for as long as you need it.

Some clients prefer me to 'do-it-for-them' i.e. set up and execute their sales email program and passing HOT leads for them to follow up on.

Other clients use me to take care of the entire sales cycle from creating to closing new sales opportunities.

These partnerships require a monthly fee with bonuses for appointments set or commission for deals closed, depending on the requirements.

This is an excellent, more effective and lower-cost alternative for executives who aren't ready to hire a full-time salesperson. Or for executives who want to test a new market without having to hire a full-time person.

If you choose to hire me in any capacity you and I will always come to an agreement on what success looks like before we start.


Let’s have a 20-minute brainstorming session to see if I can help you.

Just me, you and your OUTBOUND MARKETING AND SALES problems.

Totally free.

I ask that you come to the call prepared to talk about what's not working so we can get straight to it.

Sound good?


iman ceo.jpg

Iman Khabazian

Founder & CEO 

John has been instrumental in helping build our lead generation and management process. He has an uncanny ability to craft a messages that converts cold leads into paying customers.  He leveraged his extensive experience to help us think through potential target customer profiles and introduced us to the series of tools that ended up comprising how we identified, targeted, and communicated with our leads. Having spent a month with our process, we now have hot leads that show high promise of converting to customers. To top it off, John is a delight to work with”​.

"I really appreciate your support.  I've grown as a person and entrepreneur thanks to your guidance".