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Why should I change the way I'm doing things today?
Why with You?






  • You aren't securing enough introductory meetings with decision-makers and decision-shapers from your ideal target potential customers

  • You aren't producing enough leads that convert to winnable sales opportunities and new customers

  • 60 to 80 percent of your sales opportunities are ending up in as a 'no decision' with the prospect choosing to stay with their status quo.


To create new sales opportunities and win more new business more consistently... 


You must strengthen

your sales story

Your sales story is your single most important sales asset because parts of it are used in prospecting call outlines, voicemails, emails, social media profiles and messages, discovery meetings, presentations, and proposals.


97%+ of the Founders don’t have this nailed and it's the root cause of them missing their sales goals.


An effective sales story:

Gives you the confidence to proactively create new sales opportunities

Positions you and as a value creator, advisor, and professional problem solver

Gets potential buyers' attention so they'll want to have that all important first conversation with you

Helps potential customers clearly and quickly see that what you sell addresses the very issues they face

Justifies your premium price and position in the market

Differentiates your company from its competitors

What’s included?

  • A review of your current sales and marketing communications as it appears in various sales weapons and materials; website, call outlines, voicemails, emails, presentation slides, proposals, social media profiles, and
    marketing collateral.

  • A review of your current emailing and sales processes, tools, and technology with written recommendations for improvement

  • An online workshop with exercises to sharpen your sales story, so more of your ideal target customers will want to engage with you versus your competition.



  • Why Change?  Why Now?  Why You? Why Stay? messaging. 97% of prospects don't know they have a problem, or they are dissatisfied with their current situation but are more comfortable with the 'status quo'.  Strong 'why change' messaging will help you create sales opportunities your competition isn't even aware of.


  • Creation of an improved Ideal Target Customer profile with buyer-role sales messaging that describes the problems you solve, how you solve them, and the results each can expect from buying your product or service (based on where they are in their buy cycle).​​​


  • Creation of your landing page wireframe with copy to improve the effectiveness of your website’s ability to capture more good-fit leads​ highly likely to convert to sales.



Your investment is subject to an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.


If we both do what we commit to do and when the work is done, you don't feel the full value was received, then you decide how much it was worth and I will refund you the difference.

NEXT STEP: Schedule your 20 minute conversation with me where we’ll get to know each other.  If relevant I’ll share practical strategies and tactics you can immediately use to improve your current sales and lead generation situation, whether we end up working together or not.