Keep acheiving your sales goals no matter what the circumstances

Keep achieving your sales goals.


No matter the circumstances.



You will produce more good-fit leads, have more introductory conversations with with decision-makers and decision-shapers from your ideal target future customers.


And you will bring in more new customers more predictably.


What is it?

The creation and implementation of your own Leads-2-Wins system that you own and can take over at any time.

First I'll do it for you while teaching you how to do it, and then support you doing it when you decide to take over the system.

You will have:

  • More introductory meetings

  • More winnable sales opportunities

  • More new customers

Use your system to:

  • Sell into your 'dream' accounts​

  • Reactivate stalled deals and leads

  • Stay in touch with decision makers and influencers so when they are ready to buy they'll think of you first

  • Stay engaged with your current customers so you can upsell and cross sell them and keep your competition out

  • Test the viability of a new market or product

What’s included?

✔  Message clarification and sales story strengthening so your ideal target decision-makers and decision-shapers can quickly understand how they will benefit from your products and services

✔  Implementation (or fine-tuning) of HubSpot's FREE Sales (CRM) software so you'll have a single place to manage all your contacts and sales opportunities from leads to wins



  Creation and execution of outbound sequences to the decision-makers and decision-shapers from your strategically selected target accounts, so you'll have more introductory meetings with companies you'll be excited to work with.

✔  Creation of your dynamic sales playbook so when you hire your first sales or marketing person they'll become productive more quickly

✔  Pinpoint sales guidance and coaching to win the new sales opportunities created