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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Business: A 6-Month Retrospective

Here's some highlights from the article on Hubspot's blog.

It's been over six months since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic.

In March, the initial impact was painful on businesses.

But now, six months in businesses appear to be adapting to the new normal.

Web Traffic. In October total web traffic was at a year-high 34% above the benchmark and we've seen this metric increase over 25% since March.

Marketing Emails. Marketing email volume has increased a total of 49% since the start of the pandemic and is currently a year-high 52% above pre-COVID levels. Response rates are also performing well, remaining at 10-20% above the benchmark since April.

Sales Emails. On the sales side, email activity has also increased, but response rates have been on the opposite trajectory. Global send volume has increased 79% since March, but response rates have consistently stayed nearly 30% below the benchmark since April.

Sales calls. Are 31% above the benchmark for companies with 0-25 employees and are up 26% since March.

Deals created. 65% more deals are being created now than they were at the start of April.

Deals won. Deal performance continued to improve through July and August, and at the end of September, deals won reached 10% above the benchmark. That's more than a 45% increase s

ince the first week of April.

You can read the full article at HubSpot (95,634 customers on September 30, 2020 up 39% compared to September 30, 2019)

Here's to your best sales year ever!


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