7 practical ideas for more predictable sales revenue

Updated: May 15, 2019

Experiencing boom and bust sales cycles?

Then it's highly likely you don't have an effective lead generation and sales in place.

Most founders don’t have the time or know-how to proactively generate a steady flow of quality leads and viable sales opportunities into their pipeline.

Here's 7 ideas to help you strengthen your pipeline with targeted email outreach.

  1. Tighten up the criteria of your Ideal Target Customer (ITC), and only sell to them.

  2. Create your own list of ideal target customers. Never buy or rent a list.  Be careful of using your old list hidden in excel spreadsheets or your CRM.  Lists degrade quickly - 40%+ in a year.  Using these types of lists will create lots of hard bounces which will degrade your sender reputation which will guarantee your emails a direct path to spam.

  3. Focus on a manageable list. Start with100 Ideal Target Customers with verified email addresses. Always verify the email addresses you have before sending, and only send emails to the validated ones.  A great company for this is BriteVerify.

  4. Send a few emails every day versus all in one day.  This helps you respond and adjust to the results you are getting and protects your sender reputation.

  5. Write emails that focus on a problem you solve or an opportunity you help your Ideal Target Prospect take advantage of.  No one cares about your product or service.  They care about the results you deliver.

  6. Make your call to action easy.  The only goal of your first email is to get a reply. People don’t usually ask someone to marry them on the first date.  Get a conversation started first.

  7. Set up a an outbound email system that is repeatable and scalable.  One that allows you to personalize your emails and do follow up’s automatically without you having to think about it.  You only follow up on quality leads that could turn into sales viable opportunities and sales.

Hope some of these ideas help you bring in more new customers

John Duvenage


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John Duvenage


SMB Growth Strategies



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