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Hi there, I'm John Duvenage


I've worked with 19 founders and 28 software companies to bring in $15M+ of net-new customer sales revenue.

Over the years I’ve created and fine-tuned a dynamic sales system with effective strategies and tactics to help founders of software companies grow their sales, and grow them more predictably.

Acquiring new customers for an established company is always easier than for a smaller promising company.


When I worked at Oracle selling enterprise ERP software, we were always invited to a competitive party when a company needed to buy ERP or manufacturing software.


On the other hand, Agile Software was a small unknown company when I started working there.


Stakeholders at the high-tech companies I targeted didn’t know what PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software was, and had no idea how it could help them.


To make my sales plan I had to create educational content that caused them to think differently, become interested in exploring what PLM software would do for their companies and their careers, and to change what they were currently doing (status quo).


Since then I've worked with 19 founders to help them acquire new customers in a more predictable way.


Everything I've learned - and continue to learn - about what works and what doesn't work to drive sales through new customer acquisition is centered around helping founders:

  • Generate good-fit leads that are highly likely to convert to sales


  • Have more meetings with their Ideal Target Prospects

  • Add more winnable sales opportunities to their pipeline

  • Win more new customers

Are you looking to create, advance, and win more new sales opportunities?

Then let's have a chat to explore proven strategies and tactics that might help you do so