Hi I'm John Duvenage


Having worked with 19 founders and 28 software companies to bring in $15M+ of net-new customer sales revenue, I’ve created a program to help as many founders as I possibly can to grow their sales, and grow them more predictably.

The most exciting opportunities for me have always been with startup companies like Agile Software - startup to being bought by Oracle for $495M in 2007, Arena Solutions - startup to over 1,300 customers, and Clarizen founded in 2006 with customers in 79 countries.


Acquiring new customers for an established company is always easier than for a smaller company.


When I worked at Oracle selling enterprise ERP software, we were always invited to a competitive party when a company needed to buy ERP or manufacturing software.


The value of Oracle's software was known to the key stakeholders I engaged with.  It was more of a 'why Oracle?' battle against the competition than a 'why do anything?' battle.


On the other hand, Agile Software was a small unknown company when I started working there.


Stakeholders at the high-tech companies I targeted didn’t know what PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software was, and had no idea how it could help them.


To make my sales plan I had to create educational content that caused them to think differently, become interested in exploring what PLM software would do for their companies and their careers, and to change what they were currently doing (status quo).


Since then I've worked with 19 founders to help them acquire new customers in a more predictable way.


Everything I've learned - and continue to learn - about what works and what doesn't work to drive sales through new customer acquisition is centered around helping founders:


  1. Have more meetings with their Ideal Target Prospects

  2. Add more winnable sales opportunities to their pipeline

  3. Acquire more new customers

  • Created and executed a business development strategy for the CEO of a SaaS company who wanted to start selling their product in the USA.  Wrote and executed cold email campaigns, did discovery calls from the positive email replies and orchestrated demo’s that resulted in winnable sales opportunities being added to the pipeline, and new customer sales.

  • ​Implemented the ‘leads-2-wins’ system for the Founder of an emerging SaaS software company that resulted in a ‘life-changing’ six-figure new customer sale - 7 months from a cold email campaign to a signed contract.  Created stronger messaging and sales stories. I was also involved in coaching around all aspects of moving the sale through to closure.

  • The Founder of a startup needed to get new customers as quickly as possible so he could present to investors for funding.  Taught (coached) him how to identify, communicate, and engage with his ideal target customers. Within 8 weeks he brought in 3 new customers.

Are you looking to grow your sales?


And grow them more predictably?

Then let's explore how the Leads-2-Wins system can help you.

John Duvenage


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