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Attract, Engage and Win More New Customers

Practical strategies, tactics, personal support, and guided implementation from someone who has helped helped 19 Founders and 28 software companies

bring in over $15 million in net-new customer sales.

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Iman Khabazian

Founder & CEO

John has an uncanny ability to craft messages that converts cold leads into paying customers.

Rakesh Sharma


John's cold email campaign and coaching resulted in us winning a key target account

Omer Tadjer 

CEO and Co-Founder

John played an important part in helping us launch our product in the USA

Adding new customers is critical to business survivability and growth

Most Founders don't have a sales background.

And they don't have the time or inclination to learn how to become a 'rock star' salesperson.

Many have tried and paid unreasonable prices for the usual sources of assistance like outsourced lead generation and sales training without getting the results they needed.


That's where I come in.

You'll receive practical guidance from someone who has helped 19 Founders and 28 software companies

bring in over $15 million in net-new customer sales.

And who continues to learn and pass on to you, what's working and what's not working in bringing new customers.


Perhaps you'd like to...



  • Have someone write a lead magnet for you so you can generate more good-fit leads from your website 


  • Learn how to set up successful outbound lead generation campaigns for your business; best technology, targeting, messaging, and follow-ups to produce response rates of up to 35% and bounce rates of less than 5%

  • Review your current emails and provide you with written improvements so you can produce more positive responses than you are now

  • Learn about proven practical strategies and tactics to find and engage with new ideal target prospects

  • Get sales guidance on preparing for and executing meetings; discovery calls, demos, phone calls with voicemails, proposals and closing meetings



Your investment is based on the the key objectives and results you're looking for.

Let's first have chat. We'll learn more about each other and see if there's a way for me to help you, whether you end up working with me or not.

Next step: Schedule your 30 minute free consultation with me.

John Duvenage


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More New Meetings.

More New Sales Opportunities.

More New Customers.