Keep acheiving your sales goals no matter what the circumstances

Keep achieving your sales goals.


No matter the circumstances.

Strategic Email Sales Prospecting

What’s included?

✔  Message clarification and sales story strengthening so your ideal target decision-makers and decision-shapers can quickly understand how they will benefit from your products and services

✔  Implementation and execution of email marketing and nurturing software, so you can focus on closing sales opportunities while the system sends automated 'smart' personalized emails to your ideal target prospects directly from your inbox 

✔  Implementation (or fine-tuning) of HubSpot's FREE Sales (CRM) software so you'll have a single place to manage all your contacts and sales opportunities from leads to wins 

✔  Writing and execution of on-going email campaigns to achieve the results you're looking for.

✔  Creation of your dynamic email and sales conversation playbook so when you hire your first sales or marketing person they'll become productive more quickly

✔  Ongoing pinpoint sales guidance and coaching so you'll be more effective at creating, advancing and winning new customers

Done-For-You Strategic

Email Prospecting With Pinpoint Sales Coaching 

✔   Done For You


✔  Teach you how to do it

✔  Support you doing it.

To produce...

  • More new meetings.

  • More winnable sales opportunities.

  • More new customers

Execute email campaigns to...


  • Sell into your 'dream' accounts

  • Drive webinar attendance

  • Reactivate stalled deals and leads


  • Advance trials to Paying customers

  • Nurture people who aren't ready to buy now but are highly likely to in the future

  • Say engaged with your current customers so you can upsell & cross sell them while keeping your competitors out

  • Test the viability of a new market or product


You'll have an experienced and successful sales and marketing person on your team for as long as you want - without the prohibitively high cost and risk of hiring them - until you're ready to.

$ 1495 per month.


No long-term commitment.  A minimum of three months is recommended.


After the 3 months you can cancel and take over your system at any time with one months notice.


You are guaranteed a monthly number of Introductory Meetings booked with a decision-maker or decision-influencer from an Ideal Target Customer of yours.

If we both do what we say we are going to do and if for some reason we don't meet the monthly guarantee, we will continue the campaign free of charge until the required number of introductory meetings are delivered to you.

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More New Meetings.

More New Sales Opportunities.

More New Customers.