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SMB Growth Strategies


Proactive Outbound Marketing Produces....

More discovery calls.

More winnable sales opportunities.

More sales.  Period.

Sales Opportunity Creation Program

For founder’s who have an urgent need

to grow sales.

  • If your best customers tend to come from relationships and referrals, but unpredictably.

  • If you currently do your own sales and marketing and aren’t quite ready to hire your first full time sales or marketing person.

  • If you have a salesperson who is currently not producing the results you need.

  • If there’s a HUGE gap between the number of sales opportunities you need to achieve your sales goals versus what you have.

  • If you don't want to become an SEO, Facebook Ads, blogging, or content marketing Ninja.

  • If your sales involve speaking with more than one person to close.


And you know if you had more conversations with the right people, at the right companies you'd have more customers.


...But finding them is hard.  Reaching them is hard.  And when you do, they don't often 'get' what it is you do, or how you can help them.


  • How many of your potential prospects know you exist?

  • How many good-fit prospects ignore you because you lack the language to grab their attention?

  • How many quality leads are you getting from your current inbound marketing?

  • How many of those leads are you converting to discovery calls?

  • How many of those discovery calls are converting to new winnable sales opportunities in your pipeline?

  • How many of those sales opportunities are converting to customers?

Do you relate to any of the above?

If so...

Then the LEADS-2-WINS VIP SALES ACCELERATOR program is highly likely to help you make 2019

your best sales year ever.




Because for over 35 years - as a salesperson, sales leader, business owner, consultant, and coach - I’ve helped 28 software companies bring in millions of net-new customer sales revenue.


This includes working with 19 founders...and counting.

This includes working with 19 founders...and counting.

The dynamic Leads-2-Wins Sales Accelerator program was created to help founders take care of their own sales destiny.

It's based on my daily involvement helping founders grow their business, through outbound marketing and sales skills development.

Active participation keeps my skills sharp and my knowledge level current.

What works is implemented and improved, and what doesn’t is removed.


Execute. Measure. Improve. Repeat.

Example of a success story.

The Founder of an emerging SaaS company needed new customers.

But was crazy-busy doing what all founders do, like;


  • making sure the customers are getting the value promised

  • constantly improving the product

  • recruiting and retaining the best talent

  • paying attention to product plans, progress, and implementation dates

  • managing cash flow

  • paying employees

  • piloting fund-raising

  • creating and keeping a close eye on KPIs

  • etc.



On top of everything the software and services provided are a new way of doing things - competing against established companies.


The biggest problem was creating and communicating 'why change from the status-quo' prospect messaging.


A typical sale involves 3+ influencers/decision makers, with a 6+ month sales cycle.


Here’s the 7 key things we did together for inevitable success:


  1. Fine-tuned the definition of an Ideal Customer Profile.

  2. Strengthened the value proposition and messaging to start ‘why change from their the status quo’ conversations with key executives.

  3. Selected 15 Ideal Target companies.

  4. Wrote relevant and educational emails contrasting their current (status-quo) situation with a potentially future more desirable situation they would get with my client’s product/service.

  5. Set up an email system that sent emails and follow-ups directly and automatically from the sender's mailbox.

  6. Executed strategic, proactive, outbound plays with the most effective (based on results) media types, spacing and duration.

  7. Created a dynamic (always-improving) sales and outbound marketing playbook with all the content and strategies needed to create, advance and close new customer sales opportunities.

The BIG Result:

A six figure life-changing new customer win - seven months from cold email to a new customer.  A key customer executive said “I never respond to cold emails, but there was something about this one that resonated with me”


And because my client is an emerging company, the customer didn’t even know his company existed before our outbound cold email outreach!

Will the vip sales accelerator program help you bring in new customers more predictably?


Yes! Because when you know exactly what to do each day, you're no longer overwhelmed. You just ‘do it’.


And because you do it, it brings you customers.  Consistently.


First - we’ll pick the right people from the right companies for you to market and sell to.


Whoa...before your eyes glaze over and you think this is more of the same old blah, blah, blah...


98% + of the founders I’ve worked with score an F in this area and it’s costing them money, and in some cases their business.


You need to have a deeper understanding of a ‘day in the life’ of your ideal target prospect, and know how your product helps them improve their current situation.  


Knowing this will help you strengthen your value proposition and messaging so your prospects can easily understand how you can help them solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity, and want to work with you to do so.


Doing this well lays the foundation for success in all your marketing and sales efforts.


This seems obvious (a no-brainer)...right?


Then why is it that 98% of the founders I’ve worked with have unclear messaging?


How do I know?


By reading their website.


If I can’t understand who their clients are and what they can do for them, then that company is already losing money, and I’ve seen some go out of business because they couldn’t get this one core thing right.


And, by asking several people in a company ‘what do you do?.


Each one tells a different story.  How is a potential customer supposed to know how you can help them improve their situation if everyone in your company gives a different answer to that question?


Also, when a prospect goes to the company's website the messaging doesn't match the messaging that drove the prospect to visit the website in the first place.  Result. Confusion - causing the prospect to leave your website and not respond to your call to action.


Can you answer the following 7 questions quickly and with clarity?


  1. How is your prospect handling things today if they’re not using your product/service?

  2. If the prospect is not using your product, what problems might they be encountering in their business?

  3. What gaps might exist between today’s situation and their desired future goals/objectives?

  4. What are the potential consequences and implications of these problems/gaps, and how are the other areas of their business impacted?

  5. What tangible and intangible results will they get from using your product/service?

  6. Why should the change from their status-quo?

  7. Why should they change with you versus you competition?


If you can answer the above questions then you are ahead of the pack, and most likely have all the leads/sales opportunities you need to achieve your sales goals.




If you improve your depth of understanding of your potential customers, you’ll get more meetings, strengthen your sales pipeline and win more new business.




Your Ideal Target Prospects will understand why they should change from their status quo and if they are buying, then why they should change with you.


There’s really 3 main types of messaging you need to create for the different stages your buyers go through.


  1. If they have low awareness that they even have a problem with little sense of having pain, and no sense of your solution then you need to provide them with a lot of explanation and story telling to show them that their status quo is costing them.

  2. Once they start feeling their pain and admit to a goal then you need to message them with your value proposition.

  3. And once they think your solution will help them achieve their goal you message them with assurances on how you, and only you, will help them achieve their goal.

The best sales opportunities are the ones you create, not the ones who are already shopping.




The following eye opening information is from Erik Peterson's book

Peterson, Erik. The Three Value Conversations: How to Create, Elevate, and Capture Customer Value at Every Stage of the Long-Lead Sale .


“Turns out, 74 percent of executives indicated that they give their business to the company that establishes the buying vision.


In other words, they choose to work with the company that helps them clearly see the need to change and helps them clarify their needs and solution requirements.


That means that only 26 percent rely on a side-by-side competitive comparison to choose their winner.

We’ll work together on messaging that creates a vision for your buyers.  This will put you ahead of your competition. You’ll play your game with 74% of the executives and let your competition fight each other over what's left the 26% bake-off.


Once you’ve created your powerful new messaging then you’ll pick the right mediums to communicate with your Ideal Target Prospects.

Then we’ll augment your Inbound marketing with proactive and targeted outbound marketing, so you’ll get a more predictable flow of ‘good fit’ leads.


There are really 2 kinds of demand generation (marketing).


Inbound and Outbound


Inbound marketing is getting buyers to find you.


Tactics for inbound are SEO, social media participation, blogging, advertising, etc.


Two actions you can take right now to drive inbound links and a social media following are:


  1. Create quality content (e.g., blogs, ebooks, webinars) on a frequent basis.

  2. Participate in social media discussions where your target prospects are already conversing, like Linkedin.


These 2 actions to drive qualified Google search traffic are the foundation of inbound marketing.




The problem for small/emerging software companies is that it takes a long time to generate quality leads through inbound marketing and the results are unpredictable.


With inbound there’ll always be a gap between the number of leads you get and the number of leads you need to achieve your sales goals.


So what’s the answer?


How do you fill the gap?


By augmenting your inbound marketing with outbound marketing.

Your outbound marketing consists of executing 3 key elements with optimal content, spacing, duration and attempts.

  1. Cold email with 3 follow ups

  2. Phone call/voicemail/email combination

  3. Linkedin communication


Doing #1 produces predictable results, doing #1 and #2 produces extraordinary results.  Doing #3 on its own produces mediocre results, but if needed and used with #1 and #2 will improve overall results.   

How will we do this?

With the 'done with you' Leads-2-Wins VIP Sales Accelerator Program

For 12 weeks I’ll roll up my sleeves and work with you; providing training, coaching, consulting, and DOING, so you'll have a repeatable system to help you get more ‘good-fit’ leads and win more new business.


When we agree to work together here’s how it will roll out.




You complete the following:


  1. The Lead Planning spreadsheet.  This will allow you to quantify the gap between the leads you are getting and the leads you need to achieve your sales goals.

  2. The Sales and Marketing Planning document.  This document includes 31 questions to help you get a deeper understanding of your current sales and marketing systems and processes so you can make the significant improvements necessary to increase your sales.

  3. The Sales Messaging Clarification document.  This  document has 15 key questions to help you identify the right people in the right companies who are suffering because they don’t have your product.  And who are highly likely to buy your product if you can alleviate their suffering.


Once you’ve completed these exercises we’ll have a one hour video meeting to:


Agree on improving the key metrics that drive sales revenue, like:


  • # Emails sent

  • # Phone call/Voicemail/Email combinations completed

  • # Linkedin inmail or connection requests sent



  • Email opens

  • Email opens to response rate

  • Emails sent to bounce rate

  • Phone call/Voicemail/Email combination response rate

  • Linkedin inmail or connection request response rate

  • Responses to discovery calls completed rate

  • Discovery calls to new sales opportunities conversion rate.

  • Sales opportunities to proposals rate




  • Wins

  • Losses​​




Based on the information gathered in Week1 we’ll:


  1. Fine-tune the criteria of your Ideal Target Prospect.

  2. Craft your sales story.

  3. Strengthen your messaging to engage your ideal target prospects

  4. Pick a manageable list of 50 of your Ideal Target Prospects.

  5. Gather and verify their contact information and email addresses.

  6. Put their information into your CRM

  7. Write your personalized outbound messaging based on your improved value proposition and sales story.

  8. Set up your email system to send emails and follow-ups directly and automatically from your mailbox, and that allows you to do A/B testing automatically.




Start executing each email campaign with a minimum of 4 emails, one opener and 3 follow-ups, for each.


  1. Measure your results everyday and adjust to improve.

  2. Be consistent with your outreach - 5 customized emails/phone calls a day 100 in a month, is way easier and more effective than doing 100 at one time.

  3. Maintain 50 Ideal Target Prospects for outreach at all times because some;  will be disqualified, will become sales opportunities, won’t be ready yet and need to be nurtured, will become customers.


And for sales skill development and business transformation, you and I’ll work together to:


  1. Develop your conversation road map for winning sales calls/meetings.  This dynamic document is the key to you improving your sales and marketing skills.  And it will help the salesperson (or marketing person) you eventually hire ramp to full production quickly.

  2. Create your Discovery Call Prep and Execution Worksheet for use with each call you have scheduled.

  3. Brainstorm sales strategies and tactics to help you close your top 3 prospects.

  4. Set up your pipeline and deal stages in your CRM that will support your customer’s and your journey from leads to wins.

  5. Coaching/consulting/brainstorming for any ‘special’ issues you may be facing in your business.  

Week 4 through 12


Continue executing your Leads-2-Wins program.

Monitor the results and adjust for maximum effectiveness to achieve your success metrics.

Have a weekly 45-60 minute video meeting to answer your questions, go over the results from the previous week and commit to the next weeks' actions.

These sessions will be recorded so you can replay any time you need to.

You’ll also receive custom training videos from me - 100% related to your specific needs.

You’ll also have unlimited email support.

Need more help? We'll get on another call.

Your success is my success.

It’s July and there’s only 6 selling months left in 2019.

If you want to take control of increasing your new customer sales revenue you’ll have to take action right now!


Your Investment:  $8,985 for the 12 week program

3 month commitment required

$2,995 upfront - $2,995 day 30 - $2,995 day 60


Ongoing support and execution after the 3 months program - $1250 payable in advance of each month - for as long as you need it.


You have a 100% guarantee your success metrics will improve  - as long as you complete all of the assignments, homework, and tasks you agree to.


If you do the work, and still aren’t improving your key metrics ( as long as there is a market for your product) after 12 weeks, I’ll keep working with you until you do.

This is for you if….


  • You have an urgent need to increase your sales

  • You are a founder currently doing sales yourself (and/or have a salesperson who needs to produce better results).

  • Are prepared to do whatever it takes - especially those things outside of your comfort zone.

  • Are a person of integrity who treats others with respect.

  • You are a problem-solver, solution-provider, and value-creator for the customers you serve.

  • Your number one goal is to make your customers successful.

  • You are willing and able to commit $8,985 for 3 months to create and win more sales.


Schedule your discovery call today,

so we can decide if we are a good fit to partner with each other - or not.

Iman Khabazian

Founder & CEO 

John has been instrumental in helping build our lead generation and management process. He has an uncanny ability to craft a messages that converts cold leads into paying customers.  He leveraged his extensive experience to help us think through potential target customer profiles and introduced us to the series of tools that ended up comprising how we identified, targeted, and communicated with our leads. Having spent a month with our process, we now have hot leads that show high promise of converting to customers. To top it off, John is a delight to work with”​.

"I really appreciate your support.  I've grown as a person and entrepreneur thanks to your guidance".