'JUST-IN-TIME' sales expertise

to help you CREATE, ADVANCE, and WIN

more NEW SALES opportunities

Receive practical guidance from someone

who has helped 19 Founders and 28 software companies

bring in over $15 million in net-new customer sales.

Here are some ways I've helped my other clients...

✔  Conducted workshops and exercises to improve their messaging (sales story) so that their ideal target customers would quickly understand how they would improve their jobs by using my client's product or service.

 Wrote and executed email campaigns on their behalf that radically improved their positive replies, increased their new customer meetings, added more winnable sales opportunities to their pipeline, and improved their win ratio

✔  Used a combination of phone calls, voicemails, and emails to create new sales opportunities before the competition even knew there was a sales opportunity

 Prepared and participated in helping them conduct successful sales conversations; discovery calls, follow up meetings, demos, and presentations

 Created landing/home page website wireframes to help them capture more good-fit leads from their website

✔   Wrote special reports used as lead magnets to capture the interest of ​their ideal target customers

✔   Helped set up and run Zoom webinars including outreach to prospective customers, the webinar script, and follow up emails to those who attended and those who didn't 

✔ Brainstormed strategies and tactics to help them grow their business more predictably, especially around new business development

✔ Implemented Hubspot Sales to manage the creation, advancement, and winning of new sales opportunities.


​It depends on your requirements.


During our chat, you can decide the objectives and key results you're looking for, and if there's a fit, we'll develop a plan to help you achieve the results you're looking for.

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