We'll help you create, implement, and execute your own lead producing system so you can win more new customers

   First, we do it for you,


✔  then we teach you how to do it,

✔  and then we support you doing it.

What’s included?

Everything in the Sharpen Your Sales Story program PLUS...

The writing of your email campaigns. Emails are written based on the improved messaging from your completed Sharpen Your Sales Story program.  Personalized email campaigns don't work anymore, especially during the current COVID economic challenges.  Emails have to be buyer-specific and describe how your product or service can help them do their job better. 

The setting up of your integrated email and CRM software. Founders of smaller companies receive huge benefits using HubSpot's FREE Sales and Marketing software.  I've been using Hubspot in my business since 2011 and it's what I recommend for my clients.


The execution of your email campaigns.  We will ensure your emails arrive in your buyer's inbox while avoiding SPAM and protecting your domain. 

The creation of your sales playbook.  This is a dynamic document outlining your sales process; buyer personas; call scripts and agendas; sample emails; discovery, qualification, demo, and negotiation questions; proposal guidelines; and/or competitive intelligence guidelines.



Every situation is unique and a one-approach-fits-all doesn't produce consistent results.

My pricing is based on the value my clients receive.


We'll first have a chat to discover improvement areas for your current sales and marketing systems and processes.


If it turns out we are a fit for each other we will agree on your investment, Objectives, and Key Results (OKR's) that will define success for you.

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More New Meetings.

More New Sales Opportunities.

More New Customers.