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Why should I change the way I'm doing things?

Why now?


Why with You?

 Sharpen your (messaging) sales story

Don't allow your competition to do a better job of describing how your product or service helps your potential buyers do their job more effectively.


 Because you'll lose to them every single time!



An effective sales story:

✔ Gives you the confidence to proactively create new sales opportunities

✔ Positions you and as a value creator, advisor, and professional problem solver

 Gets the prospect’s attention so they'll want to have the first conversation with you

 Helps potential customers to see clearly and quickly that what you sell addresses the very issues they face

 Warms up the customer to respond to probing questions because they will understand that your solution helps people like them

 Justifies your premium price and position in the market


✔ Differentiates your company from its competitors

What’s included?

  • A review of your current sales and marketing communications including emails, website, Linkedin profile, success stories with written recommendations for improvement

  • A review of your current emailing and sales processes, tools, and technology with written recommendations for improvement

  • An online workshop with exercises to sharpen your sales story, so more of your ideal target customers will want to engage with you versus your competition.



  • 97+% of Ideal Target Customers aren't ready to buy - because they don't know they have a problem, or they are dissatisfied with their current situation but are more comfortable with the 'status quo'.  Strong 'why change' messaging will help you create sales opportunities your competition isn't even aware of.


  • Creation of an improved Ideal Target Customer profile with buyer-role sales messaging that describes the problems you solve, how you solve them, and the results each can expect from buying your product or service (based on where they are in their buy cycle).​​​


  • Creation of a website wireframe with copy to improve the effectiveness of your website’s ability to capture more good-fit leads​ highly likely to convert to sales.

  • Writing of 1 introductory sales email with 3 follow-ups that you can use to proactively reach out to targeted buyers at strategic accounts, and get more positive email replies than you currently are.   



$1,250 one time, payable upfront.

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More New Meetings.

More New Sales Opportunities.

More New Customers.