John Duvenage


SMB Growth Strategies


Proactive Outbound Marketing Produces....

More discovery calls.

More winnable sales opportunities.

More sales.  Period.

Done For You Sales

For over 35 years I’ve been helping founders of B2B software companies bring in millions of net-new customer sales revenue.

With more predictability and a lot less stress.

As the founder of your company you are brilliant at what you do as far as creating your software and services.


But you struggle when it comes to getting enough meetings to fill your pipeline with winnable sales opportunities, and closing sales


And you aren't quite ready to hire your first sales person

The solution


Hire me for an 8 week intensive consulting/coaching/training program to help you set up your own system to:

  • Get you more meetings with your ideal target prospects

  • Fill your pipeline with winnable sales opportunities

  • Win more new customers

What's included?


  • Strengthening your messaging workshop - Includes interviewing 3 of your current customers

  • Fine-tuning the criteria of your Ideal Target Prospect workshop

  • Review of your current email system, strategy, content and key metrics, with recommendations for improvement

  • Write 6 outreach email sequence - 3 initial cold emails + 3 follow-up emails

  • Use 2 different email variations for A/B testing

  • Set up your email system with automatic verification of email addresses.

  • Set up your stay-in-touch system

  • Teach you how to find your ideal target customers' contact information

  • Execute outreach with  50 of your ideal target customers

  • Measure results and adjust as needed

  • Create deal and pipeline stages in your CRM

  • Set up your Proactive outreach framework: voicemail scripts, conversation roadmap, most common push backs with best answers

  • Brainstorm strategies and tactics to close some of your current deals

  • Set up a winning sales meeting framework

  • Create a lead generation and sales playbook

  • Gradual hand-off of system to you

  • One 60 minute web meeting per week - 8 total

  • Unlimited email and phone support

Next step

Fill out the form below for your complimentary  consultation - during your free consultation we'll figure out the outcomes you want and then write an agreement before we start​.